Saturday, October 2, 2010

In the future, find a home.

Things I miss:

  • My beautiful mom: Her smile, her hugs, her head scratches, her advice, and her hope and faith.
  • My amazing dad: His style, his humor, his sarcasm, his talent, his strength.
  • Jimbob: His individuality, his music, his sensitivity, his company.
  • Maggie: Her intellect, her conversation, her wisdom, her maturity.
  • Schmoops: His amazing cuddling ability in the morning or when I'm sick, his little furry face and his love.
  • My best friends, you know who you are: Your insanity, support, and the enormous amounts of fun I have with you all.
  • My family: Gram & Pa, Grandma Brannigan, Peggy & Bonnie, all my aunts and uncles and cousins, I love and appreciate you all.
  • Boston.
  • Cape Cod.
  • The seasons, especially fall.
  • My house, my room, my kitchen, DVR.
  • Red Sox fans.
  • Hearing "wicked."
  • Feeling like I fit in.
  • Normalcy, routine, comfort.

Hanging in there, all.


  1. Homeward bound. Won't be long, now. Hang in there, angel. I love you. xxxooo^^^


  2. I love you, bean! p.s. like the new layout :)

  3. wicked,wicked, wicked, you have heard it four times!!!!!!

  4. wahhh Miss ya! Watch the mail over the next few weeks for your bday present :D

  5. cape cod: let's blow it up this summer <3