Tuesday, November 10, 2009

This is fact not fiction, for the first time in years.

So Beverage class ended....and I'm so sad. I loved that class, and got an A in it! (: I'm in Nutrition now which is not NEARLY as exciting. I mean, I can't use any butter, heavy cream, and hardly any oil in ANY of the recipes. That's like an insult to the French way of cooking. Not my style. It's not too bad though.

ONLY NINE MORE DAYS TILL I'M BACK IN MASSACHUSETTS! I'm BEYOND excited. I can't wait to go to the movies and watch Top Chef and eat popcorn with Dad, get my nails done and eat at Chipotle with Mom, be INSANE with my closest friends, go into Boston for cupcakes and Mike's Pastry!, visit my favorites at my high school, see my Schmoops and my brother and sister, and just relax and have some normalcy back in my life again. College is a fantastic, crazy ride, and I love it. But nothing compares to home. I'm starting to make a list of everything I want to do (as you can see), so I don't forget to do anything. I can't wait for the COLD even. I miss New England air...and Boston fans. I'm surrounded by Yankee fans.

I watched them win the World Series last week, proudly supporting my team as much as I could...I wore my Sox hat to one of the playoff games and my four Yankee fan friends made me put it in the freezer in order for the game not to be jinxed...I think it still worked though, they lost that game. :)

I'm continuing to meet a lot of people here, especially a lot of guys from a fraternity here, who are all really really awesome and great friends. Really decent guys who are laid back, non judgmental, smart and capable, and easy to relate to and talk to. I'm starting to find a lot of really close groups of friends who I can turn to when I need advice or strength. We're all kind of a support system for each other for when things get tough. You learn so much about yourself here at school, and about how to relate to and live with other people. It's quite humbling actually. I've examined myself so much lately and am really starting to find out who I am and who I want to be.

Love you all, keep the comments coming! I appreciate every one I receive (:

Monday, November 2, 2009

Heavy is the mind that can't be told, when it's time to let it go.

Wow, so sorry for the wait for a post. The last 10 days or so have been craaazy busy and somewhat bittersweet. Last weekend was my birthday, which was awesome. My friends went all out for me, buying me really funny and cute presents, getting a group together to go out to dinner, and overall just making me feel really special. Yet, I don't think I've missed home more than I missed it last weekend. It was so strange not being home on my birthday, and I missed my friends and family TERRIBLY. My friends from home were equally as amazing as my friends here though, and my family was spectacular. I got so many unexpected letters and presents and phone calls and I'm so grateful for all of them. Yes, they made me miss home a lot, but they also made me feel really really special on a birthday that I was not even expecting to be that good.

All of last week was once again, up and down. The beverage class I'm in right now is really really cool. Our chef is really laid back, lets us take lots of breaks, text during class, and really respects and understands us. Plus, we basically bartend, taste wine and beer, and learn about alcohol all day! It's quite enjoyable. I'm going to have to make some drinks for my family over Thanksgiving break, I'm getting pretty good. Yet, although class is really fun and great, working has been pretty hard at the dorm, since I've had to deal with some drama I don't really want to go into detail about with my roommates. I think it's pretty much sorted out, but it just gave me a lack of sleep and caused me a lot of stress. You know when you try really hard not to get involved in drama, then it kind of just falls ontop of you? Yeah, that's how I felt. Yet all I could do was try to be a good friend and not get too involved, and I think things are gonna be okay. I realized that late night walks and beach trips are perfect for calming me down and centering myself. I also made a few epiphanies over this week about what I can do to adapt better to college life and be a little more happy and confident:

1) Eat better! I have pretty good eating habits during the week because the food is provided for me, so I try to eat lots of salads and good protein and not a lot of dessert. Yet, on the weekends it is difficult because we have to make our own meals. I need to try to keep those eating habits regular on the weekends to stay healthy and happy.

2) Take more time for myself. At school it's hard because you're around people ALL THE TIME. Which means you also have to deal with their problems and concerns all the time. I love my friends here, but I realized I need to take more time just to myself to relax and focus and center myself.

3) Get a better sleeping schedule. I have to wake up at 6AM every morning to go to class, yet I like staying up late, so I don't get too much sleep. Even though the lack of sleep isn't a huge problem for me, I know that I'll be way better off if I go to sleep earlier, or take more naps. Naps are my new favorite things.

So, those, along with some other resolutions, are ways that I can adapt better to college life. This weekend was equally as good as my birthday weekend, if not better. I spent it with two of my closest friends here. We went to the beach, relaxed, went to dinner, and celebrated Halloween in style. I was a French mime, naturally, and we gave out candy at our dorm and just had a good and really fun night. The warmth down here is still very strange to me though. 90 degrees in November?! What?! I miss the fall.

So, there's an update for you. I'll try to be more regular about posting, this was just a very busy couple of days. Enjoy!