Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The time has come for colds and overcoats.

Sorry for not posting for a loooong time y'all! A LOT has happened since my last post!

First of all, I went home for Thanksgiving. It was lovely. Much thanks to Aunt Diane for providing the delicious meal and hospitality. Her culinary skills far surpass mine, and I enjoyed the food greatly. It was fantastic seeing all my family, and made me appreciate them so much. I thought a lot of the questions they asked me were going to be a little overwhelming, but I realized that I LOVE talking about what I'm doing. I find it incredibly interesting and intriguing and hope they do too! Anyone who reads this, feel free to ask me any questions. I know now that I have no problem talking about what I love. That's one of the reasons I have this blog, because I love to share what I'm passionate about.

Not only was I able to see my family over break and experience lovely New England, but I got to see my friends too! It is so strange going home for the first time, because you feel like everything is going to be so different and new, yet nothing really changes, which is nice. It felt just like I remembered it to be, and all I wanted to do was what I had done so many times before with my friends. I really realized who I missed and who mattered to me and cared about me, and I loved seeing all of them. Everyone seems so happy where they are and that makes me equally happy. My friends are really finding themselves.

Now, back at school, I'm doing my trimester of academic classes, which aren't NEARLY as exciting as the culinary ones. I'm taking Honors Leadership, Honors Advanced English Communication and Composition, Survey of College Math, and Communication Skills. They are pretty easy and kind of boring, but I can see how they'll factor into my future in the food industry. The professors do a good job of trying to relate whatever we're learning to my future career, which is refreshing, and makes it somewhat worthwhile. I have a feeling I'll do really well this term, as long as I can focus and work hard. :)

This past weekend I was able to go visit my grandparents in Naples. They just got down here for the winter, and I was so glad to see them! It was so relaxing and the closest I can get to home without taking a plane back to Massachusetts. They really made me feel comfortable and right at home. I don't know what I'd do without them, and love them both so much. I'm sure I'll be there a lot this winter. :)

Christmas is soon and I can't wait to go home again! Hopefully I'll see some snow. It's so weird down here. People have Christmas lights and decorations up, but it does not feel like the Christmas season at ALL. Can't wait to go home and feel the holiday cheer!

Au Revoir!