Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A moment, a love, a dream aloud.

I believe for a lot of you this is a much awaited post!

I was able to go home for Easter weekend two weeks ago and it was absolutely AWESOME. First of all, it was an unexpected trip. I didn't think that I would be able to go home until school ended in May, but my parents told me I could come back for Easter, so I was unbelievably excited. I was able to see my dad act again, which I have not been able to do in such a long time. I missed seeing him on stage, and missed even more being on stage myself. I LOVE food and everything about the food industry, but I have a great passion for acting and I want it to be a part of my life, even if it is just a hobby. Seeing him in Oliver! (yes, there's an exclamation point in the title), which is a show I've been in twice, gave me goosebumps. It's not the most amazing show, but the experiences I've had being in it were so fun and great and seeing the kids sing on stage made me miss doing it myself. Dad was also absolutely fantastic, and stole the show as usual. We'd hear people in the audience commenting on his performance and how great he was. Also, he played Fagin, which is a character that spends most of his time on stage with the kids in the show, and all the kids absolutely adored him. They made me jealous that I was not home more to experience how great of a father he is. They looked up to him so much.

I got to see my friends a few times, which was great! I got to go to my favorite breakfast place with my best friends (minus Natalie, who I miss oh so much!) and into Cambridge for the day with one of them, my friend Ariana. It was so fun. Easter itself was great! We went back to the delicious brunch place in Beacon Hill that we went to last year and met up with my aunt, uncle, my cousins, and my grandma. I loved seeing them all! Shoutout to my Aunt Diane by the way, she pressured me to write this post! Sorry I took so long! The food was amazing. I had french toast with a yummy orange marmalade and smoked bacon, AND lobster eggs benedict. Yes, that sounds excessive, but I couldn't decide!

Now, back at school, I've been super duper busy as always! I finished New World cuisine with a B+, which I'm actually proud of. The class was pretty difficult and dealt with a lot of techniques I had not used much before. My shining moment in that class was during our practical where my chef told me I grilled the best steak in the class! I don't have much experience grilling, let alone grilling steak, so I was pretty proud of myself. Now I'm in Essentials of Dining Room, where I wear a funny looking server uniform, learn about front of the house, and serve food to the dining room. It brings me back to my waitressing days at Friendly's, yet upper class. It's not that difficult, and kind of boring, but I'm learning all about swanky dining room information like the difference between a potage spoon and a bouillon spoon, how to fold napkins, and how to carry a large tray filled with dinnerware. We had to parade around the school carrying heavy trays to make us more "confident," as practice for service. It just made my arms hurt.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this post. April is gonna be a pretty crazy month. My friend is coming to visit next week so I'm really excited about that! Also, two of my friends birthdays are coming up, plus I'm working a lot as always. I got a positive write-up at work last week, saying that I always have a positive attitude and work quickly and efficiently. It was kind of cool, seeing that according to the managers, they hardly ever give those out.

More soon hopefully!